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About Trier

Trier is located at the western border of Germany, in the heart of Western Europe. Embedded within the hills of Eifel and Hunsrück and located at the river Mosel, which flows through the city, Trier offers a rich and scenic environment. Trier is also an ideal starting point for journeys to the rivers Mosel and Saar, the Eifel and Hunsrück, and to its neighboring countries France, Luxembourg and Belgium as well.

Trier is Germany's oldest city. Trier has and can look back on more than 2000 years of history. There is almost no other city the UNESCO has placed so many monuments on the list of World Cultural Heritage. One can find traces of the Roman heritage at many places underground and overground of the city, most famous the Porta Nigra (Black Gate), the Roman Imperial Throne Room (Basilika) and the Imperial Bath (Kaiserthermen).

As an university city (first university was founded in 1473) Trier offers a vivid night life with restaurants, bars and pubs. You can enjoy a nice dinner in the central city or visit one of the restaurants in the former fisher district Zurlauben, located directly at the river Mosel. Afterwards you can finish the day with having a drink or a chat in one of the several pubs and bars.

The Mosel region is well known and famous for its wine, so wine lovers will get one's money worth. World-wide renown is the tangy Riesling, but since more than a decade young winemakers have also cultivated fine red wines. You can visit the wine district of Olewig or explore fine wineries in the surrounding villages. Or you may want to book one of the guided wine tours.


Event Location

This year's event location is the Era Congress Centre ECC. The ERA is a public foundation, founded on initiative of the European Parliament in 1998. The Congress Centre opened its gates end of 1998 for hosting ERA and other congresses.


ERA Congress Centre

Metzer Allee 2-4

54295 Trier, Germany

phone: +49 651 93737 23

fax: +49 651 93737 90

ERA Congress Center. View in direction Main Entrance.
ERA Congress Centre (Haupteingang/Main Entrance)