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Mensys presentation at Warpstock Europe 2010

Sunday March 28, 2010  By:Marco Pauls

The developers of eComStation will give an overview of the next eComStation update cycle.

Category: Presentations

Survey on

Monday March 15, 2010  By:Warpstock Event Team

The Warpstock Event Team, in collaboration with, is conducting a survey to Warpstock Europe 2010 to find out people's interest in this year's Warpstock Europe Event and to get a top n list of presentations people are...

Category: Location, General, Presentations

Call for Papers opened

Sunday March 14, 2010  By:Marco Pauls

The Call for Papers is opened. Presentations can be submitted until April 11th.

Category: Presentations

New presentation online

Friday March 05, 2010  By:WSE Event Team

5-3-Jörg Braun, known as the editor of the Toolbox magazine and co-author of freeX, will give a presentation about the differences between Linux and BSD and how especially BSD differs from desktop systems like OS/2.

Category: Presentations

Block Bookings for Warpstock Europe 2010 at the Golden Tulip

Friday March 05, 2010  By:WSE Event Team

Trier is a very popular travel destination and the tourist season lasts almost the whole year, only interrupted by November and January, February. So the event team has made block bookings for Warpstock Europe 2010 at the Golden...

Category: General

First presentations for WSE 2010 confirmed

Saturday February 20, 2010  By:WSE Event Team

The first seven presentations for Warpstock Europe 2010 have been confirmed.

Category: Presentations

Exhibitors at Warpstock Europe 2010

Tuesday February 16, 2010  By:Warpstock Event Team

Mensys BV and C&L Publishing Exhibitors at Warpstock Europe 2010.

Category: Exhibitors