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INT01 SSH, OpenSSL und STunnel für sichere Kommunikation unter OS/2

Donnerstag 16:30 Helena
Freitag 10:00 Gratianus

This session shows the results for the search how to use a secure connection with my mailserver (Weasel). The first option was installing and using OpenSSH. This works pretty good as a side effect you get a secure connection to control your home pc.

It is possible to get control in a commandline window, but also on the PMShell there are possibilities. Installing and using OpenSSH will be the first part of this presentation.

Using PMMail as mailclient also offers the option to use STunnel for a secure connection. So I tried this. The only hurdle is to get a certificate, but OpenSSL gives the possibility to make one. Using STunnel also gives the opportunity to use a simple webserver like Web/2 as a server which offers a https connection. Installing OpenSSL and creating a certificate with it, installing STunnel and using STunnel is the second part of this presentation.

Part three of the presentation will focus on using OpenPGP with PMMail and Thunderbird.